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Darda Financial

Accounting, Wealth Management Firm in Lithonia, GA & Winston-Salem, NC

Investment Management, Financial Planning, Accountancy, Insurance, and More!

At Darda Financial, we take a common-sense approach to helping you achieve your goals. We provide our services with one goal in mind: Do what is best for the client!

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What We Do

  • Risk  Lithonia

    How much risk are you comfortable with? How much risk do you need to take to achieve your goals? Because there is a tradeoff between risk and return, we’ll conduct a risk assessment to

    help you determine what’s right for you.

    Financial Advisor Lithonia

  • Return Georgia

    Anybody can sell you an investment. What is more difficult is to develop a successful strategy that makes sense for you. Plain and simple, our objective is to develop a strategy that will

    deliver long-term returns equal to or greater than the return needed to help you to achieve your goals in accordance to your risk level.

    Financial Advisor Lithonia

  • Our Philosophy Lithonia

    Our Philosophy
    Money should never be an end goal by itself. Money is a tool that gives you options. The more options you have, the more fun life can be. If you’re interested in investing only

    because you want to be rich, then we’re not the advisor for you. If you’re interested in accumulating wealth because you want to help yourself, your family, and your fellow man, then give us a call.

    Financial Advisor Lithonia

About Darda Financial

Investment, Wealth Management Firm

Danny Freeman, Principal Financial Advisor

Danny Freeman is responsible for the oversight of the firm’s investment management, financial planning, accounting, consulting, insurance, and the overall management and direction of the firm. Darda is an old Hebrew name that means "pearl of knowledge".


Wealth Management Services

Here's a list of the services we provide for our clients:

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All About Medicare and Medicaid

Even though the Medicare and Medicaid programs have been around for a long time, there is still a lot of confusion as to what it covers, who it covers, and which program is appropriate...

Areas served in Georgia: Atlanta, Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Decatur, Conyers, Stockbridge, Fayetteville and surrounding areas.

Areas served in North Carolina: Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Clemmons, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

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